What is wrong with AK? How can one be convicted before arrested?

My buddy lives in AK. Few years ago, someone in texas received a check from the US treasury with my friends first name and last name on it. These people opened this mail not addressed to them, so they didnt contact police. They tried to find this person with my friends first & last name. They were able to locate him in AK. Called and said they received a check with his name on it, and mailed it to AK. After recieving, my buddy deposited this check into his bank acct.(using his own real ID). He had to wait 7 days for it to clear, then he spent it. 1-2 years later detectives from TX contact him and accuse him of theft, along with fraud amoung other charges. My friend contacts a lawyer, pays him, and is told by this lawyer to show up on a certain day in court. He shows up, and is searved a plea bargain (in court), and told if he didnt plead guilty, he could do 10 yrs. He takes the bargain and gets 3 yrs probation. Next day, at the PO office, they find hasnt been booked yet.
The PO office threatens to issue a warrant for his arrest if he didnt go to the police station and get booked on the charges he was convicted of. At the station, it takes the cops a while to figure out what happened, but eventually book/fingerprint him. Then he goes and gets a PO from the PO office. He says other lawyers say its too late to do anything. Also, they said that his original lawyer could have had the case thrown out because he was not arrested before appearing before a judge.Any feedback?

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