What is your opinion on child support?

I have 1 daughter from a previous relationship. She lives with me and visits her dad when ever she doesn’t have school or other plans. I do not ask for child support or receive it, I personally feel that the entire domestics systems is jacked up. I struggle from time to time so its not like i am rich and don’t need the help, I just feel it is more important for her to have a good relationship with her father than to let money come into the middle of things as it tends to do in almost all child support cases.

My fiance, who I share 1 daughter with, has 4 kids to prior relationships. His oldest 2, were previously on a support order through the courts for 179 a week. Now things are being dealt with outsided of the courts and their mother has said that she really only needs 65 a week so that is what we send her faithfully every week. The 3rd childs case is through the courts, his mother recieves 140 $ a week. She also makes over 50,000 a year and gets 150 a week for support of her other child. His 4th childs mother had chose not to turn in the acknowledgement of paternity papers in the hospitals, which he signed, so that she could receive more welfare…… due to that, she knows if she tries to go throught the courts she is up for welfare fraud and so she gets sent 30 a week in the mail every week.

Even though I do not agree with the support thing in the first place, I do think that 65 a week for 2 and 30 a week for the one is sufficient. (None of the kids need child care, so no expense there) On the 2nd case I think it is outrageous! When doing the calculators online he should have been order between 60 and 70 a week at the most. I also printed out the guidlines through the state support laws. We are in the process of modification but it seems like the people in those offices could give a crap less about the mans side of it, custodial parent or not! A friend of mine tried to get support for the child he has custody of and they said the mom didn’t make enough! No job search nothing, I remember hours of job searches and going into the support office and giving them more money so that my fiance wouldnt go to jail so that his support orders were fullfilled, didn’t matter that a person can’t live off 50 a week but hey the women had their money. To me it all seems 1 sided, anyone else?
Clearly some cannot read, there are 3 cases, not 4. Meaning 3 mothers not 4 and who are you to judge someone by previous relationships. Just because you may not have had a child with someone does not mean that you haven’t had a failed relationship. Things happen and I must say he is an excellent father and is there for and provides for all of his children and treats my daughter like his own. He shells out support with out a complaint, even though 2 of the children were never blood tested and both moms said they cheated and thats why the relationships ended. Hes buys gifts for birthdays and holidays and plane tickets for each child for 2 visits each year the tickets per year are about 2,000$. While continuing to pay supports while his children are here he provides everything necesary along with extras without a thought to what he himself may have. He is far from a bad father and no 1 can ever seriously say that knowing him. This is not about that, just a question on support!
Oh, and neither of my daughters dads are deadbeats. As I said, my oldest sees her father very often and is very involved in her life. Any activity she is involved in we are all there to support her and completely split the cost. Maybe some people just need to learn to grow up and stop feeling the need to judge people! The past is the past and whats now is now. Gosh 1 simple question and I get judged on my relationships, my kids fathers and still very few got the point and answered the question. Thanks to those who did!
dmg should that happen, I will not find myself in the courts because obviously I choose to take care of the child I chose to have and will do the same with any children I have. Rather than be a hypocrite and use a system that I have never agreed with since I was a child I will be a big girl and take care of mine and their daddy’s will be there for them unlike those who have been pushed away by the money greedy mother. Not all men are pushed away, some have custody and some are "deadbeats".

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