What should my friend sue for (She is a victim of fraud)?

My friend got into a car accident. Her car was sliding on ice at 1km an hour when she hit, more like tapped, a pedestrian. The pedestrian waited until the last week before the statute of limitation expired (2 years) to sue her for ,000. According to his medical records, what he sustained in the accident was minor bruising. Well, the insurance company has overwhelming evidence that the plaintiff is committing fraud.

My friend is currently paying over 50% more in insurance a year. Can she sue the plantiff for anything? I know the insurance company is technically the victim in this situation, but can’t my friend still sue? Maybe for being a victim of the fraud, or for emotional distress?

I know she “caused” the accident, but there was nothing she could do in the situation she was in. There was thick ice under the snow, and there was a truck illegally parked on the street corner that blocked her vision.

Any suggestions would be great.

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