What to do if you are suspected of Insurance Fraud?

I have been a member of a very "wonderful" insurance company for almost 8 years. I have never had a problem with the pay out of a claim, and they are one of the top rated insurers in the US for customer service. About six months ago my wife had lost her engagement ring at work and I filed the claim. They were waiting on us to find a receipt which I couldn’t find, because it was bought 4 years prior, but they paid out, no problem. Then at the beginning of November, my camera received some condensation damage. I contacted my insurance company to ask about the process, but I didn’t want to put a claim in until I knew how much the damage was going to be. The adjuster said that I HAD to open a claim up, so I did. The damage ended up being only 5, and I had already paid over 0 out of pocket towards that, so I was going to close out the claim. I could not get in touch with the adjuster during this time. The problem was that the camera would not auto focus, and needed a new part. Well while I was waiting on the part, I had the camera picked up for thanks giving weekend, since it was working fine in manual. During that weekend, my vehicle was broken into and the camera, amongst other stuff was removed.

The auto adjuster covered everything else, but said because the value of the camera and because it and the lens were listed on a separate policy, that it was best to put in another claim on it and close out the repair claim. I still could not get in touch with the primary adjuster, and another adjuster paid out the full replacement of the camera and lens, only to be rescinded by the original adjuster. Who said that I should never have gotten the full amount, because the camera was damaged. I understood that, but now its almost the end of January, and the camera still hasn’t been paid out(flag1). I have had to speak to a PI/Insurance investigator(flag2) waiting for paperwork that requires me to submit tax returns(flag3) to make a "settlement," not to pay out the insured, or the replacement value on the items.

The flags lead me to believe that I am being investigated/suspected of fraud for a legitimate claim. What I don’t understand, was for the damage, I was having no problem, and for the break in, i had no problem with the auto division. There was a police report to report loss, and proof of ownership. So why am I being brought through the wringer, and what can I do? I have never had to show tax returns to make a claim on a policy. I believe they are trying to say that I am a "professional" photographer, either by the quality of work that I have done, or the fact that I use my initials and the word "photography" on a "mypsace" page so that people i network with can see the photography work that i have done in the past 14 years. I do not own a studio, I shoot for free, with only compensation for travel or materials used, but not for pay or livelihood. Furthermore I have been in my career for the past 11 years and make 50K+ a year. But this was never an issue when I first began the claim for damage, so why is it now?

I hate to be so long winded, but I am at the point of frustration. I actually like this insurance company, and don’t want my policies dropped because of an overzealous adjuster who thought they were saving the company money.

btw…the estimated loss, including damage, if covered would be around 1300-1500. And the policy has been in effect for about 10 months for this specific policy, and HO policy for almost 5 years with one claim.

Do I have any options?
I am one of "those" people who hates to make claims in the first place. I dont not want to say the name of the company, but in my opinion, they are one of the BEST and are one of the top three insurers in the nation, even though they are only open to a "certain" group of the population and their families.

The first damage claim, I didn’t want to make in the first place. I just wanted to know the process, if in the case it was more than I was willing to pay out of pocket. The adjuster over the phone was the one who said that in order to discuss it, I would have to open up a claim. And then after I found out it would only be 235 to fix, I was trying to close the claim since nothing had been paid out. The adjuster told me via email, that it would still count against my claim history, even if there was no payout. so the second claim on the same item came about out of vandalism and theft to my vehicle. My issue is the there was never this much work for the "1st" claim so why the 2nd?

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