What to do when a lawyer takes your money and does nothing but violate your rights?

How do you get the law to work on your side

In my friends divorce settlement she was to get certain things (like a ,ooo one time payment and Health coverage benefits which her husband simply doesn't pay, she hired 3 different lawyers who took the little money she has left, one said he couldn't take her case afterall sev months later shile sitting with all her papers and kept her money, the next sent her private matters to her ex's attorneys office for them to see. Meanwhile her financial accountant (who turns out to be a drug addict and dealer) has raped her bank account of 100,000 dollars, the bank acknowledged it as fraud and money laundering but isn't taking any action. Where does she go with this mess?!! She has no $ left for a lawyer, the police can't do anything, who actually does something in this country if there is grand larson, hwere does one go?

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