what to do when you made a fraud in a car acident that you wasn't there and everybody is asking for money back?

my wife had a car accident last year another car impact behind her car, she called me and i was in the accident 10 min later but when police came just asked for both of us drivers licence, so he made the report and i was as a passenger, my mistake was to make a claim and take advantage of medical therapies, now the police changed the report 3 days after and now i have to paid for the therapies that I received 00 ,medicals bills for me and my wife ( 00) and i received another letter to return the money for fix my car after the accident (00)and my car insurance canceled my policy, a lawyer told me a i can be sued for fraud, i’m really scared and i don’t know what to do or what is next, please help me.
It happened in New Jersey and i didn’t receive any money for it.

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