Where is the justice in this bill for the millions of American men, women and children who are the victims of?

The advocates for the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill that was recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 4321) claim that it is not an amnesty bill because illegal aliens have to pay a 0 fine, which is roughly 5 percent of the cost of the services of a good "coyote" or alien-smuggler.

This means that for a 0 payment, illegal aliens will be granted total amnesty from the multiple felonies that they commit in order to get jobs – document fraud, perjury on I-9 forms and identity theft.

In addition, under Sec. 404 of H.R. 4321 (see text below), all information provided by illegal aliens on their applications for legal status will be treated by the federal government as secret. This will allow the illegal aliens to list the stolen Social Security numbers, stolen identities, and counterfeit "green cards" that they have been using to get jobs on their applications for legalization without fear of prosecution. This information cannot be released to any law enforcement officer or even to the victims of identity theft.

This is outrageous since, according to the Social Security Administration, 75 percent of illegal aliens use fraudulent Social Security cards. According to the Federal Trade Commission which tracks identity theft, one in every seven cases (15 percent) of identity theft committed in the United States in 2008 was employment-related. The simple fact is that identity theft and illegal immigration go hand-in-hand.

Children are prime targets of illegal aliens since no one checks their credit histories. An impartial study in Arizona found that as many as 1.1 million Arizona children had their identities stolen.

These are not victimless crimes. Children and other Americans suffer very real harm when illegal aliens use their Social Security numbers. They have their credit ruined, are saddled with arrest records, are denied government means-tested benefits, and may even suffer life-threatening consequences if the illegal aliens using their Social Security numbers corrupt their medical records.

However, under H.R. 4321, the millions of American men, women, and children who are victims of illegal-alien job-related felonies will be sacrificed so illegal aliens can get on the path to citizenship.

This bill even prohibits government employees who are processing the applications of illegal aliens applying for legal status from reporting any criminal activity found in the applications to law enforcement authorities. And it threatens government employees with a ,000 fine if they violate this prohibition.

Thus, under this legislation, if a government employee tries to help an American citizen who is the victim of an illegal alien, the government employee will have to pay ,000 and will risk losing her job. If she protects illegal aliens and ignores the American citizens who are the victims of illegal-alien crimes she will be rewarded and allowed to keep her job.

In addition to protecting criminal illegal aliens, the bill (Sec. 407; see below) also protects and rewards the dishonest employers of these criminals. This is simply a bribe to ensure that employers provide the employment verification information required by illegal aliens to get on the pathway to amnesty and citizenship.

In return for helping the illegal aliens who have been using the Social Security numbers of American children, employers are granted amnesty, pure and simple. They don’t even have to pay a token fine. According to the bill, employers "shall not be subject to civil and criminal tax liability relating directly to the employment of such alien before receiving employment authorization under this subtitle" and they "shall not be subject to civil and criminal liability under section 274A of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1324a) for employing such unauthorized aliens."

And what about those employers who obeyed the law and only hired legal workers and paid their taxes? They don’t even get a letter of thanks for playing by the rules – assuming they are still in business.

So in spite of the denials by the advocates for illegal aliens and their phony 0 fine, this bill, just like all previous "comprehensive immigration reform" bills, is indeed an amnesty bill for illegal aliens and their employers who have committed and facilitated felonies ranging from identity theft to tax evasion.
Where is the justice in this bill for the millions of American men, women, and children who are the victims of illegal alien identity theft?

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