While in Bagram Airbase a company called S3 Amina Corp had a poster advertising a EMT as a "Dr" the EMT?

I went over to provide medical care as a RN FNP retired Major. The CEO is Muhammad Ahmed of Amina Corp and his medical clinic(S3) is on the base at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan. S3 had posters at all the bus stops advertising to all contractors that one of their faculty/staff members is a Dr Stanley Brandt. I know Stanley personally, he is an EMT not a "Dr" nor does he have a PhD. The posters had been at the bus stops for several months. I went to Stanley and he knew it was wrong. To me and to anyone with a connecting neuron would call this obvious deception and medical fraud, open and shut. Stanley by definition was complicate by not correcting it when he know he was not a "Dr". Many who are military understand the slang term of endearment being called "doc". But that is not to be confused with an "Official" marketing poster listing an American EMT as Dr. Stanley Brandt. I ran into an American who told me she "saw that American Doctor" and pointed at the name of Stanley Brandt on the poster. I took the poster to the local CID and they seemed to be interested, but I found out later they were not per their Special Agent Robinson. I realize this is not to the level like Blackwater/Xe shooting up innocent civilians in an intersection in Baghdad or a drunken Jimmy Buffet party put on at the US Embassy in A-stan by the Armor Group or even one of their medics a former 82 Abn who bragged on how to beat a DUI/DWI by eating peanut M and M’s. How about WWLR World Wide Language Resources out of Fayetteville, NC allowing their in country manager mock openly 2 individuals over their medical problems, one a TCN third country national with a facial tic, the other an American women with bad teeth. BTW He was not fired until a month or two later when caught in a DUI at Bagram Airbase. The person who did write him up was fired for going to the CEO Larry Costas with the complaint. Just situations that have occurred. I might mention going back to S3 and Muhammad Ahmed, I still have not been paid one cent for my 2 weeks in A-stan. The CID should be interested in medical fraud esp with American contractors going to S3 for medical care. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many think I’m just a trouble maker, but as an idealistic nurse albeit advanced practice I have to take my nursing oath to heart and do what’s right in-spite of losing friends and being blacklisted etc
Mike "Major Dad" Reisman Maj-Ret RN CS FNP/PA

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