Who Really Wrote “Dreams from My Father”?

Given the fact that Obama had not authored a single book or even published a single article (not even in the Harvard Law Review that he edited–a singularly remarkable fact and unheard of otherwise), critic, and author of a book on literary fraud, Jack Cashill believes he’s spotted a literary fraud in "Obama’s" book. First wondering whether Khalid al Mansour, a major power and political broker, might have greased his way into the world of publishing (in addition to greasing Obama’s way into Harvard Law), Cashill finds a more likely candidate for the authorship or at least the substantial revision and ghost writing of major portions of Obama’s book: William Ayers. Cashill finds much to doubt in Obama’s putative authorship of this memoir–namely, that it’s the work of a real literary virtuoso and that Obama had never written anything before other than bad poetry, as he himself admits. Read and think about this. Was Obama’s book actually written by Ayers?


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