Who should I report him to?

I just found out that my ex-husband that I have to re-divorce had the birth certificate of his brother altered to list him as the father. He has been claiming him on his tax return for almost 10 years as his son and "’the son" has all the benefits to go along with it he has a state job!! My soon to be ex again is a naturalized US Citizen and he filed immigration paperwork for his brother as his son.Additionally, his current "wife" that he married during our divorce is in the process of getting her green card and though his address is listed as mine-he never changed it-, he is filing for her on another address where he has an apartment.
I would like to report the sorry SOB but I don’t know here to start!!! It is such a messy situation- marriage fraud, immigration fraud, medical fraud and the list goes on…I do not want him to come after my family so I need to know where I should report these crimes and get some protection .

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