Who was it who said, "Destroy the Family, and you can destroy the Society"?

Eliminate the sacredness of the marriage covenant from the minds of the masses. Make them believe marriage is outdated and blasé

Inspire hatred against the family unit, manhood and fatherhood

Institute no-fault divorce and encourage serial divorces

Incite rampant promiscuity, fornication and adultery

Make having illegitimate children become a common practice

Convince society that a child in the womb is not a human being

Provoke women to have abortions without regard to God or their consciences

Make true love seem like cheap amusement

Stimulate the people to confuse sex with love

Create an environment that encourages unwed single motherhood

Inspire men to disrespect, dishonour and abuse women

Design laws that motivate women to commit paternity fraud

Incite homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual immorality and perversion

Influence men to effortlessly abandon children they sire

Most importantly, provoke a fierce relentless gender war
Jett: Calm down. Take a deep breath. Relax. In your effort to "provoke" me, you’ve gotten yourself all worked up. Gee. Take it easy. You’re okay. You’re OKAY.. People love you. You’re intelligent, You’re attractive. Everyone likes you. Just calm down.

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