Why are atheists so immoral that they point out when friendly neighborhood churches commit tax fraud?

Remember a couple months ago when the Freedom From Religion Foundation put the "I can be good without God" billboard (and several others) up in Columbus, Ohio?

Matrix Media Services, working with Clear Channel, placed that particular billboard in a location that turned out to be on Christ Cathedral Church’s property.

If it was public property, then there should have been no reason to remove the billboard. But since the church owned the space (and rented it out to the billboard company), the billboard went to a new location.

But that raised another question: If the church owned the property, and they were leasing it out (and making money off of it), shouldn’t they have to pay property taxes?

FFRF looked into the issue… and they couldn’t find any evidence that the church had done that. So they asked Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo II to investigate the matter.

Mingo couldn’t find any record of it, either.

In summary, the church now owes ,900 in back taxes (including penalties for not paying it earlier). And they are expected to pay another ,000 this year.

How did the Christian Post report on this story?

"Ohio Church Under Attack By Atheist Group
the atheist organization, based in Madison, Wisc., found another way to attack the church. It sicked the Franklin County, Ohio Auditor’s Office on Christ Cathedral, claiming that the church was required to pay property taxes on the land on which the billboard stood, because it was used for commercial purposes. Although it would seem that the out-of-state organization would have no legal standing to bring a tax claim against the Ohio church, Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo sided with the atheists."

Doesn’t this prove that atheists are immoral, and that the government is under their control?

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