Why are felons not allowed to work at almost any Business?

Personally i know that most jobs have a natural respect to keep felons out depending on the type of crimes, like a person charged with Fraud or Money Laundering couldnt work at a bank or a Sex Offender work at a daycare or school, but other offenders could do other jobs and hell even Sex Offenders could get jobs sitting on the phones and just take orders for pizza or products.

Anyways… Also isnt there a job crisis? Theres plenty of jobs because i have seen it in all cities and sites and papers and everything, but the real question is. Couldnt the job situation be fixed if some felons could work and in certain areas of business? I know it could be figured out and fixed… but anyways. If they can work… where can they go to find jobs? or which companies are Felon Friendly?

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