We had a housemate in 2008 for two months, who eventually scammed our landlord and another city landlord out of thousands via a subletting scam. We learned that he’s done this to many people over the years, and that there are non-extraditable warrants for him for theft in three states. He recently returned to our area (applying for a city job!) I told him via a phone message that if I saw him on the street, I would point at him and denounce him for what he is. He’s hurt many people, including friends. I have also maintained a victims blog to warn people about him for two years, as his crimes are "civil matters". Victims must hire their own lawyers. He’s gotten away with his scamming for years.

His response was to get a restraining order against me claiming:

1. that he and I were "domestic partners" for 8 years at my address of 21 years
2. that I assaulted him and RAPED him
3. that I threatened to kill him

He did all of this (and got a free lawyer) with not one shred of proof of anything that he said. The judge did vacate the order, but I must still attempt to have it expunged. I’ve written victims, a certain police dept. and others for notarized letters which will place him elsewhere in that 2002 – 2010 time frame, and show that his cause for getting the R.O. was my exposing his criminal past. I will use their letters to show just cause for having the R.O. expunged.

Questions: why can a thief and liar get a free lawyer through a rape crisis center, but I cannot get free legal assistance? I’ve tried. Why can a man take me to court based on his say so, with no proof, but over a dozen victims of this fraud not be able to take him to court based on their say so? The system is entirely skewed. I speak with people at the courthouse and they send me in circles, don’t understand the law themselves, open one door for me and slam another in my face, etc. I’m not really asking you to "explain" the whys of all of this, but wonder if there isn’t free legal recourse for the falsely accused that I’ve missed? I’m in Mass. and have searched everywhere for help. The police and attorney general’s office will have nothing to do with it. Oh – I was also told by court officials that trying to get him for perjury under oath was a waste of time, as it’s rarely prosecuted.
Snarkus, I’m not trying to get back at anyone and don’t need to "get on with my life". A vacated restraining order in Mass. stays on record. No criminal offense is involved with mine, but the record can still come up if an employer, for example, does a background check. Reason? Having a restraining order vacated does not equal "innocent". A judge can vacate because she believes the defendant, or because the plaintiff didn’t present enough evidence. Having this come up in a background check can hurt me in the future. One court official told me that I can NOT have this expunged in my state. Another said I could. A third said only with proof that it was obtained fraudulently. I have that proof, but the court is very specific as to the form that it can take. I can’t afford a lawyer and my reputation was publicly trashed because of a thief and liar who was able to do all of this without a bit of proof. How would you feel if an acquaintance got you into court by lying and saying that you she

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