Why did Mark Stroman create fictional sister story and fictional 9/11 revenge story?

Mark Stroman who was put to death by lethal injection yesterday claimed that his sister was killed in WTC and as a result of that he went on a rampage to murder 3 asians (who by the way were not even arab or muslim). Then he said he was fighting terror. Prosecution proved that he did not have any sister whatsoever and that he went to the gas station with the intent of armed robbery. When the robbery went bad, he shot dead the 2 clerks and then shot a 3rd one in his eyeball. When arrested Stroman quickly said, he was fighting terror and he is patriot. He then claimed he had to do it for the safety of America. What a load of bull. He labeled his crimes of robbery and murder as patriotic acts. Even prior to 9/11 he had already been jailed for 10 years due to burglary, credit card fraud, scams and identity thefts. He had the criminal mentality since 1980’s. He attempted to cover up his crimes in the name of "fighting terror and protecting America due to 9/11".

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