Why do atheists have so much "FAITH" in Evolution?

For despite the reckless boasts about evolution made by a few over-zealous supporters, the theory contains FATAL FLAWS. Evolutionary theory is not only destitute of proof but is positively disproved in so many areas due to contamination of evidence and climatic ramifications. Their is not a SHRED of evidence to support evolutionary theory.

Millions of Educators have put a lot of stock in the "fossil men." Nothing adds up with the pictures you see in text books today. Most of the fossil men were merely animals having no connection to the human race. Some of the fossils which are true human remains completely contradict the theory of human evolution. Several famous fossil finds were frauds upon the scientific world and the public.

Prime example: The Piltdown fossil found in England in 1912 was shown in 1953 to be a cleverly contrived hoax. The greater part of the scientific world had accepted the fraud for forty years.

It’s sad but true that our fallen natures resist the demands of God’s word, just as it"s true that "the god of this world(Satan) has BLINDED the minds of the unbelieving.

More and more people embrace any philosophy that dispenses with the necessity of God and gladly accept Darwinism as an escape hatch. Human nature being what it is, most people believe what they WANT to believe, regardless of its truth or falsity. The desire to be free from one’s responsibility to his MAKER has turned many to evolution and atheism.

Neither Darwin nor anyone else has PROVED the theory of evolution. The only thing Darwin proved is that it’s dangerous even to THINK without God. If we leave God out of the picture, our speculations will ever be unwise, unfruitful, and unsafe.

Isaiah 45:18
Colossians 1:16

Have faith dear friends in God today and forever.

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