Why do most of the wealthy…have a hard time putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to…?

Why do most of the wealthy and their political supporters have a hard time putting their money where their mouth is like they expect everybody else to when it comes to them ‘tightening their belt’ and ‘making sacrifices for the greater good’ of the economy?
For example regarding to health care reform or taxes (for people making over 0,000 per year [or even for the sake of argument and benefit of the doubt – let’s say a combined income between a man and his wife that supports them and their family to live on at over 0,000 annually]) – why shouldn’t people who make that much money also be ‘tightening their belt’ and ‘making sacrifices for the greater good’ when the state of an economy needs it?

In other words why should the burden of fixing an economy or other things be placed entirely on the poor or middle class?

For example again, when it’s been the policies of laissez faire economics which the supporters of the wealthy (republicans, libertarians and to be fair possibly a few ‘democrat politicians’ (the ones bought off and paid for by the wealthy also) – endorsed to not regulate against fraud that caused the economic mess in the first place, why then should the poor and middle class expected to carry the financial burdens of the wealthy?
Another ‘for example’ when many workers have been LOYALLY working for companies FOR MANY YEARS of their life and ARE PERFECTLY STILL WILLING TO PAY FOR ALL OF THEIR HEALTH CARE INSURANCE PREMIUMS AND MEDICAL BILLS, but can’t because –
They’ve been laid off by the companies they loyally worked so long for because their companies’ CEOs thought it wiser to ship their loyal workers’ jobs overseas to increase profits while those same CEOs of those same companies got bonuses, stock options, raises, etc. However that’s not the end of the horror story –
Then those same wealthy CEOs along with a lot of wealthy majority shareholders in their companies as well as a lot of their other wealthy friends and investment bankers, other wealthy CEOs and majority stockholders of giant banks like citibank, besides wall street firms, etc. – make risky investments that they knew were very speculative and highly risky in the first place such as certain little things called derivatives or ‘buying on margin’. Then those wealthy people end up getting burned or otherwise also losing their backsides (financally speaking) to fraudsters and markets that just weren’t there or were ‘tapped out’ already or had hit their peak already and was heading/spiraling downwards.
Then to top that off, those same loyal hard working workers lose their homes or/and their car(s) because of them being laid off by their CEOs are told by the insurance companies being offered by the new lesser paying employers they are forced to work because of the state of the economy their former employers’ company and other companies so ‘wisely’ put it in – those hard working loyal workers who were laid off are told by the new insurance companies – sorry we won’t accept you because of a pre-existing condition. Which also, A lot of if not all of those same pre-existing conditions that many hard working people are told would keep them from being accepted by medical insurance companies COULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN CARE OF and maybe even taken out completely, IF THEY HADN’T BEEN DROPPED BY THEIR FORMER INSURANCE PROVIDER THEY HAD, BUT WERE DROPPED WHEN THEY WERE LAID OFF BY THEIR LONG TIME EMPLOYERS BECAUSE OF THE SUCH KIND REWARDING ACTS OF THEIR LONG TIME EMPLOYEES LOYALTY, WITH WHICH THE CEOs OF THEIR COMPANIES DECIDED TO REWARD THEIR LOYAL HARD WORKING LONG TIME EMPLOYEES WITH LAYING THEM OFF AS A REWARD FOR ALL THEIR HARD WORK.
Also despite hard working poor and middle class people having it that hard financially, then the wealthy and their supporters – expect the poor and middle class to bail them out financially with taxes the poor and middle class is expected to pay for and of which that bailout money is paying for subsidizing the wealthy who lay off their workers while they ship their loyal workers’ jobs overseas, while the wealthy also get tax breaks and corporate welfare already, plus what little taxes the wealthy still have left to pay are cheating out of paying with phony/shady tax breaks/tax shelters or just falsifying income reports to the IRS about and besides that –
The hard working people also are expected to financially bail out with their tax dollars – banks that charged them outrageous interest for loans and of which for many those same banks repossessed their homes and car(s), AND yet despite the fact that hard working poor and middle class people who have financially, medically and jobwise has been shafted by the wealthy including pharmaceutical and insurance companies too btw – they’re expected to financially bail out the wealthy financial predators and are told by the same system that the wealthy and their politician supporters run, that despite all the hard working poor and middle people have done for
Speaking of wealthy people who started out poor –

Before I also forget to ask, has anyone ever heard of the notion of giving something back to people you take from – especially to the people who really need it as opposed to giving to the arts to make someone look like their a humanitarian while those wealthy ‘donaters to the arts’ get a tax break and thus it’s actually the hard working poor and middle class that ended up making those donations because of the tax breaks the wealthy got for ‘their donations’

– or also speaking of wealthy who were once poor –

Does anyone remember the question that can be asked of the wealthy that were once poor which is –

Now that the wealthy who was once poor is successful – Do they remember where they came from and what are they doing to give back to those who really need help where they came from, especially as many of those wealthy got breaks from people themselves also?

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