Why do the liars in the liberal media say Fox Sponsored Tea Parties, when they only covered them?

Rick Sentelli from CNBC started all of this, on the floor of the NY stock exchange and I watched it. Nearly all traders in the exchange, like Sentelli are democrats.

The liberal media ignored it, and Fox covered it. Covering News isn’t sponsorship, it’s doing the job they are supposed to do.
Glen Beck at the Alamo … "Democrats suck!" Crowd Cheers … "But not any more than Republicans suck!" Crowd cheers louder. Terrible Ted Nuggent Jams a wild riff… Why didn’t the press report that? Why is the press trying to suppress this kind of thing? Why did they try to defame those who took part in those tea parties by lying about them and making rude jokes about tea baggers and their intelligence? Why did Pelosi say they were the richest people in the country protesting taxes, when that was a lie, and so is the fallacy that Republicans are the Rich … because democrats have more money by far, and make a good amount more money on average.

What do democrats get by lying? Why would anyone want to be part of the group who can’t make honest arguments and points, and lives on lies? Lives on personal defamation of those who disagree with them? Why would anyone want to be included in such a fascist group? I used to be a democrat, and I voted for Obama, but this disgusting garbage is to obvious and I can’t give them the benefit of the doubt any longer.

I don’t like Republicans either, but at least they are held accountable by the press and their voters. We just figure OUR people are better, so we don’t want to hold them accountable, but that only breeds corruption in a big way. We need to stop this, politicians are NOT our friends! If you are a democrat, a republican is more a friend than your politician, and same with republicans.

Do you think it’s better a democrat takes away your rights than a republican? Obama made the Patriot Act WORSE for people. He isn’t taking any action against Gitmo that isn’t still going on under his watch in Afghanistan. He now sends out his torture to other countries who he knows will torture, so how is that anything but a political lie that he is doing anything about it? PLUS his administration wants to start up the draft, and force children to volunteer for work projects (forced volunteerism?) He screwed over kids on a great voucher program in DC which saved 00 a student, gave them a much safer environment and better education … to pander to the teachers union! Obama is not a good man, Obama is a forking FRAUD! What does it take, do we have no soul? How long can we be happy living a total lie? I’m not, and I’m OUT, and to heck with anyone who doesn’t have the integrity to reject these scum who have hijacked our country using lies and deception. How?

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