Why does a car dealership offer those stupid credit life policies?

I know it like a loan, and if person dies, vehicle paid off. But when good ol’e boy(car salesman and my dad) that have known each other for 30yrs get together, and dealer knew my dad had every illness there was and they still let him sign policy. All I’m saying is if the dealership knows person has illnesses that don’t qualify, then don’t give application. And by the way COCHISE, my mother was not there with my dad when he got vehicle and she also has stated that dad should not have signed(FRAUD!) and dealership shouldn’t have even pulled it out. Credit life should have people do a physical when they are applying, instead of when they die ask for all medical records, and talk about digging the body up for autopsy. We plan to write an article in paper telling people about this so called credit life and dealerships, it’s all wrong on everyone’s part.

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