why doesn't family law court care about immigration status?

I posted a question yesterday about how can an illegal immigrant collect child support and I think every one misunderstood the question. I am not trying to collect child support I pay child support to an illegal alien and at the time we got married I had no idea he was illegal. It wasn’t until the divorce and we asked questions in the interrogatories that I found out all the information I addressed in the previous post. All discovery. So anybody have any answers for me different than I received as I am not crying over trying to collect child support, I have a job and do support my son. Just wondering why immigration status is not an issue for family courts, even the attorney generals office says he falls under immigrations jurisdiction and they can’t do anything about the social security fraud or tax evasion. He is not a U.S citizen. So basically illegal immigrants don’t have to abide my U.S. law.

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