Why doesn't somebody stop Operation Christmas Child / Samaritan Purse?

This Christmas, after filling shoeboxes full of gifts for children in Haiti at the assurance of our trusted work chaplain, I found out we were all being used to promote the agenda of the organization "Samaritan Purse" … without our knowledge, if you can believe it.

In researching backgrounds of the Samaritan Purse organization, it horrified me to find SP is firstly a controversial Protestant missionary group. It disgusted me to learn that Operation Christmas Child is a front for the deceitful activity of distributing shoebox goodies to kids in exchange for receiving religious propaganda, in addition to a commitment to conversion. Some of the better sources of my information are available online.
Dr. Darren Lund by the way is a professor at U of Calgary. I checked his credentials.

I’ve seen their promotional videos — the missionary factor is hidden, and the gifts are presented as no-strings-attached, which automatically equals fraud. This might seem harmless enough, but families are in crisis because their children are being bribed away from their religions by SP. Kids are beaten and disowned in these countries, and whole families have broken apart over it.

So Samaritan Purse/ Operation Christmas Child is known worldwide to the media, but no international organization has ever stopped them. How can this happen? (Can’t Oprah? She can do anything, hehe)

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