Why is it if men are are subject to paternity fraud, women are quick on saying how men should put their?

feelings back and consider the best interest of child, because the child bonded with the man and accepted him as father figure, but if a woman is to find out that hubby bypasses her sex embargo with the secretary, there is no mention of how the wife should put her feelings back and at least postpone divorce so the child has a fatherfigure in his life, because it aint like the child cares what daddy does with the secretary during his 5 min coffee break.

In the second scenario comments revolve mostly about the hurt feelings of the wife and that she should file for divorce, while any fallout on the child is not only a necessary evil of her dealing with her hurt feelings through divorce, but a welcome fallout to discourage cheating.
The dogma seems to be If the wife is hurting the whole family needs to be hurting as the wife deals with her hurt feelings and tries to take action to deal with her hurt pride so there is a fallout for a hurting wife, while if the husband is hurting he should put his feelings back and be supportive of the family, because a husband should not bring fallout unto his family in any form regardless of his wifes actions, because a husbands happiness is far less important than a wifes feelings.
Professort, what good does a father figure who sees the child only once a week ? Except for sending checks of course.

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