Why is paternity fraud STILL legal?


It has been 100% "ok" (and even encouraged) for over a decade now.
How is it not a blatant miscarriage of justice and an abuse of ethics?
What could possibly be in the souls of those who argue paternity fraud can be a ‘good’ thing and should be practiced in ANY way shape or form?

Defenders of paternity fraud (such as N.O.W.) claim it should be allowed because it is in the "best interest of the child"…by LYING to them from cradle to grave?

DNA testing N.O.W.! (pun intended) – Genetic history is very important to know in order to provide the best health care for a child to circumvent possibly very serious genetic health predispositions. This alone should be enough reason to actually do something to eradicate paternity fraud.

This is nothing more than additional concrete evidence added to the perpetually growing pile of truths that point out the fact that there is, in reality, no ‘patriarchy’ at ALL.
Mandatory paternity testing N.O.W.!
@OldsIgnorant- Paternity fraud is currently 100% legal.

That is a fact.

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