Why Won’t The Wise Guys Of Davos Admit It? Japan Inc. Caused The Asian Economic Crisis Of ’97 -?

I foresaw the disaster in Asia as early back as 1992 – wrote corporate warnings for my clients – in Japan and the US. And today every single one of my prophecies turned out to be true – Japanese banks were broke, massive corporate fraud would be uncovered, Japan’s greatest corporate names would shame themselves through brazen acts of corruption, accounting fraud and other criminal acts… the malaise would topple governments in neighboring Asia as predicted. As clear as all the signs were the economic thugs that meet in Davos every year still ask, "What caused the Asian financial crisis in 1997?"
Any one in acadamia, economic think tanks etc. care to discuss?
Responding to "I didn’t do It" –
Japanese banks did not speculate in stocks and real estate – individual banking executives did. Using their powers of attorney they simply looted the banks they were in charge of. Corporate borrowers were again individual executives. Over 90% of loans from ’90 – ’92 were not intended for return and never returned. Hence no excess liquidity. The scam went off-shore. Fake Asian investments were booked at home – corporate tax revenue fell in Jp. In Asia 5 to 7 yr tax breaks were given. Indo. Thai. Mal. overflowed with widget factories making nothing. The Asians knew it. When time to collect the taxes came the Japanese left overnight. George Soros caught on to the scam and pulled his money – the rest is history. The crime in Japan is that everybody knows about the scam and say nothing. Worse though is the gullable foreigner still swallowing the tripe about natural economic phenomena causing it all. Check the identical no’s – loss in Jp = invest. in Asia.

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