Will I be prosecuted for theft?

I went to Walmart and took the same items off the shelves that I had previously purchased and used my receipt to get a cash refund of a few cents under . As I was leaving the store, I had been stopped by loss prevention and the police were called although the police officer himself did NOT charge me with anything. He just filled out a report and told me that I was free to go and was not charged with anything that night and that he was going to give loss prevention a referral to file the prosecution on her own so that he is not stuck being the middle man. Police told me that she could turn in the referral to the prosecuters office where the prosecutor would see if there was enough evidence to prosecute me…even though I was seen on camera. And the police officer told me that within to 7 to 10 days I could call the sheriff’s department and find out if I have a warrant. Any time someone is being prosecuted, I thought the stores was NOT supposed to accept any payment back until the judge in court orders restitution. Well I offered to pay the back and loss prevention accepted the payment and the police officer handed it to her. I have known for people that had been caught shoplifting to be issued a summons to court right then and there before they are told to go home. I have never heard of the police…whose job it is to be the "middle man" to say they aren’t going to be the middle man and that the store themselves were going to pretty much do the police officers job. The loss prevention lady was also very quiet and just sat there. Even when asked questions by the police officer, she was very short with one or two word answers. She didn’t even hardly type anything into her computer. Like my information and so on. No picture was taken of me. And when the officer told me that he was giving loss prevention a referral to prosecute on their own he let me go home without even telling me what my referring charge was for example…theft, theft by deception, or fraud. He also told me to give him a good reason why he shouldn’t take me to jail like several times even though he was NOT going to be the "MIDDLE MAN" I started crying and said there was no good reason because it was wrong and that I just wish I had a job so that I could do something productive with my life instead of being bored and having too much time on my hands to get in trouble because I am on SSI/Disability. And that it feels good to have nice things and to have money for things and I wanted a job so I could go about getting that the right way. Then the very quiet and short LP lady looked at me and said she understands what im saying and what im going through because its just like an addiction and she used to be an alcoholic and thats why she understands how hard it is to stop doing things that you feel like you can’t stop doing and she was happy for me that I said I was going to a theft counsling and she said that it says a lot for someone to help themselves like that and to go get help. So I think she felt sorry for me or something. I also heard that walmarts policy is to not prosecute unless the value is more than and in my case, it was only .66 over the not prosecution value. Do you think its possible that they decided to not prosecute and just didn’t want to tell me that or do you think loss prevention is actually going to turn this in? The store told me they have a second chance policy where the first time you are stopped, you can still come back to the store but the second time you are stopped, you sign no trespassing paper. So if it was that big of a deal, why would they want you to come back in the first place. Im confused and would like to know if anyone else has been told these things and if anyone knows or thinks Walmart will actually persue charges even after accepting the full amount in cash back on the spot.

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