Will I go to Jail for Fraud? Australia QLD?

Last year I got caught for fraud and was fined 0 with no criminal record. I was then asked by Police to help them in a investigation on a certain person committing a large amount of fraud and that they will help me out later down the track.. I didn’t say yes or no, so I stopped hacking and carding for good and opened up a membership online Ethical Hacking forum for all my close friends that work in IT Security..I made it closed registration due to not getting little kids wanting to do illegal activity.

Anyway I found out this certain person the police wanted had a account on my forum and I decided to let ppl use my personal Proxy for whatever..I then noticed this guy was using it for illegal reasons and I then stopped all access due to the illegal use. I also found out where he was sending the items to so stupid me I went to the house to ask if they had anything and if they did "please send back to the companies or to the police".

Instead it backfired and police raided me, took all my computers back in April and so far I been in and out of court 3 times. They saying its 800 credit card fraud but I didn’t do it they know someone else did using my proxy but because he was a member of my forum and that I went to the house I am being busted for his crimes.. And the free lawyers saying I could go to jail cause of last year’s crimes as I have a history.

I’m heaps scared..The Head crime unit police officer and a few of the unit’s officers told me I won’t goto jail for this crime but the lawyers say I prob will… What do you think?

P.s Last years fraud nothing was stolen, no money was taken or items it was just a minor offense of fraud.

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