Will this guy actually call the fbi on me since he is committing fraud?

About a month ago I listed a drumset on craigslist (this was my first time ever on the site so I decided to give it a try) Within a day I had someone interested in the item so I was excited…they sent me mail saying that they wanted to see pictures and know conditions etc. and also my contact info. So I sent them the pictures and told them about the conditions and gave them my mailing address (stupid mistake I know) He then sent me message back saying that he didn’t care about the conditions or price and that he would mail me a check and add money to check to cover for shipping. He then said that he was unable to meet me in person and that he would hire a courier service to come and pick the item up from me and he would tell me when they were coming… I messaged him back and said that I was only wanting to do business locally and that I would only accept personal checks or cash (because I read all about the craigslist scams and I didn’t want any part of it) Well, he took about 2 weeks to respond back by this time I thought he was no longer interested and had already decided that I wasn’t going to sell them to him because I didn’t feel comfortable doing this….he then sends me a mail saying that he’s sorry it took him forever to mail me back but he had a death in his family and that he would be getting things ready for sale within the next week….I again mailed him back and told him item was no longer for sale…(no response from him) 2 days later I get check in mail for over 00 the amount of the drum…and its a cashiers check for some power company in Texas…however the check was in fedex envelope just sititng on my porch no signature required (and check was 00…that sent me RED FLAGS) I then noticed that the power companies name had a small mispelling error (they would never mispell their name on their checks) and why would a power company provide me with this money? So I called company up and talked to security dept…and they comfirmed that they never sent me this check..so therefore it was fraud. I mailed the guy back and told him that I sent him a message a few days ago and told him item was no longer for sale and that I received his check and I was just going to void it for him since I didn’t sell or do anything to earn it….he then mailed me back and told me that I don’t have the right to void that check…I messaged him back and told him that I have the right to void any check with my name on it and that the check has been voided and shredded. Now he is trying to tell me that his databases show that the check has been entered into my account and removed from his (which I know is a lie since I voided the check and shredded it myself) and he is trying to threaten to call the fbi on me and says he has all my contact information….I’ve asked friends and they say that he is just doing that to scare me in hopes I will send him some money…but I was wanting to know what others think.

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