Will you help me compile a list of all of Obama’s Connections?

Here are the ones I have

Tony Rezko
-Sold Obama land reeeal cheap.
-On trial for corruption

Reverend Jeremiah Wright
-Obama’s reverend and spiritual advisor for almost half his life
-Does anti-American services in Church
-Blames the government for giving AIDS to blacks in Africa
-Blames America for the 9/11 attacks

Franklin Raines
-Obama’s housing and economic advisor
-Ran Fannie Mae into the ground
-Essentially took money from Fannie Mae for "doing a good job"

The Black Caucus
-Obama is a part of it
-Was for sub-prime mortgages for "affordable housing"
-Was called "the family of Fannie Mae" by Fannie Mae

-Obama was a part of it
-Obama taught them how to intimidate banks as a young lawyer
-Repeatedly charged with voter fraud
-Intimidates banks to give mortgages to those who can’t afford them

William Ayers
-Worked closely with Obama on a board of 6 people
-They worked together on "radical education reform"
-Bombed the Pentagon and the Capitol
-Wishes he bombed more places, not sorry at all

I’m looking for more relations, could you guys help me out?
I challenge you all to disprove these connections as well.

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