Would I need to make a citizen's arrest against a US Federal agent(s) who perpetrated crimes?

I was arrested a period of time ago for "impersonating" myself. The prosectuor used all my evidence against me in a Judge trial and said that I had all my evidence, because I "wrongfully" got it (that was his ‘proof’. Since then, it was was found that I was indeed who I said I was but that was after I was thrown in a federal penetentiary for a period of time with a bunch of criminals, forced to be evaluated for ‘mental health’ issues (of which there were none found obviously since I knew that I was who I said I was), and refused a bond and evidentiary hearing. After it was found out that I was indeed who I said I was, I called around and found out how do I have the CID members that had me placed into prison arrested for false imprisonment, obstruction of justice, and (along with the prosecutor) conspiricay to commit fraud and of cours malicious prosecution; but I was told I need to call the CID about actions that their agents did. I did this and they laughed at me. I spoke with internal affairs at CID and they said that they could not help me. How to you hold US Federal agents accountable for their own actions when crimes are committed by these. I will be filing Bivens, but how do I have these criminals arrested and held accountable for their actions?
number one. I was not "sentenced" to ANY time whatsoever. I was illegally imprisoned. That is a fact that I have already talked to lawyers about and the people i spoke with said the amount of time i spent with criminals is not worth their effort.
Number two: I was arrested by those bums for Impersonating a US Army Officer. Which I was AND proved it through ID, DoD Defense Vehicle sticker, AND a verification and testimony from US Army officials. So my story is full of holes huh well maybe you might wanna just get glasses, what are you a Federal Stooge? I asked a simple question to the courteous membors of this community and I don’t need a rhetort from somone who has obviously got his head so far up his gunny sack that he can’t find his way back out again. {this answer is obviously to the member that responded in likewise fashon}
just fyi… after the kangaroo court with that judge took place I was able to prove this from admission of the US Army Board of Corrections – which took almost five years to get them to admit the truth.

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