would really like some real advice or comments on a fraud case, thanks!?

All right my friend who had a horrible gambling problem. This is a sad story I guess but I am curious for him.

He was arrested last year for theft(check fraud) from his father. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and had a great job in the oil industry went to crap, he lost his fiance as well. He fell into gambling and became severely addicted. He actually made a ton of money and then went to Vegas and got poped for all of it. Then he panicked and took small amounts at first thinking he will repay the money after he won some back(typical gambling problem) Anyway after 100,000 in fraud his father had to turn him in which my friend wanted it that way so his dad could get the money back. He did 8 months in county day for day and plead out to felony 2. He is repaying the bank a decent amount each month and is working at a good job finally.

Now where this gets tricky is his X-fiance went to a different county(where they went to school) after she found out he was arrested and told the police that my friend took the student loans out in her name and she new nothing about them. The student loans add up to 80,000 and she did know about them. All the money went into her bank account, she spent a lot on school related stuff. The statements cant lie. This was in 2007 as well so clearly 3 yrs ago and then all of a sudden she does not know about it? Well the detectives came to see my friend from the county she filed the report in and this was like back in Aug.09 and still nothing from that county. That would be a big fraud case and you would think they would act on it. The other part is that his dad is the co-signer on the loans so yet again it throws him in the middle of it and he does not know what to do? So if you can take all that in I would greatly like some legal advice.

Thank you very much!

good news also he is band from every casino in the country and goes to AA meetings and is trying to recover but I fear he is going get cought up in the courts again. Would they run it con-current with what he was just charged with or what do you think
She is saying she did not sign it and she knew nothing about it. This is 3 years ago and all the money went into her account and shows her spending it. So right there should say ok you cant file this( spending the money and going to her bank account, also 3 yrs ago)

He is paying his father back 700 a month right now. So he is getting on track. Also he can not go back to any casino so I hope he gets back to his old self. It seems easy to sink into that world but hard to get out. I feel so sorry for him because he was a great person and would help anyone he could. So only time will tell.

What boggles me is that the detective from the other county where she filed the police report at visited him custody when he was only 2 months into custody. So that would put the police report taken and served to the States Attorney almost a 9 months ago. I just dont understand it I suppose.

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