would return to home country after my US spouse filed to me PR application weaken my case ?

Hi All ,

Hope every thing is great

I am Egyptian who is on B1/B2 , i am going to marry US Citizen and she is going to file a PR request for me shortly .

i have several questions and i feel a bit i confused due to several opinions i hear from different lawyers

The questions are :

1-if i returned Egypt soon after she file the request for me and waited there until the decision appear ..would that weaken my application position ??

2-One lawyer told me that immigration checks on my address are not sudden and must be pre-coordinated with my attorney and that not staying with my wife in same apartment would not affect my application status and would be seen normal .

while other one told me that those checks are sudden and that i must accommodate in the same place with my wife or the immigration would view it fraud .

3-one lawyer told me it would talk from 12-18 months to hear the court decision in my PR application while other said it often take 3 years

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