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Tort law
Part of the common law series
Intentional torts
Assault • Battery
False imprisonment
Intentional infliction of
emotional distress (IIED)
Property torts
Trespass (land • chattels)
Detinue • Replevin • Trover
Consent • Necessity
Defense of self • of others • of property
Duty of care • Standard of care
Proximate cause • Res ipsa loquitur
Calculus of negligence
Rescue doctrine • Duty to rescue
Specific types
Negligent infliction of
emotional distress (NIED)
Employment-related • Entrustment
Malpractice (legal • medical)
Liability torts
Product liability
Ultrahazardous activity
Public nuisance
Rylands v. Fletcher
Dignitary torts
Defamation • Invasion of privacy
False light • Breach of confidence
Abuse of process
Malicious prosecution
Alienation of affections • Seduction
Economic torts
Fraud • Tortious interference
Conspiracy • Restraint of trade
Liability, defences, remedies
Comparative / contributory negligence
Last clear chance • Eggshell skull
Vicarious liability • Volenti non fit injuria
Ex turpi causa non oritur actio
Neutral reportage • Damages
Injunction • Torts and conflict of laws
Duty to visitors
Trespassers • Licensees • Invitees
Attractive nuisance
Other common law areas
Contracts • Criminal law • Evidence
Property • Wills, trusts and estates

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