Would you rather have rule the world: the USA or Europe?

Europe: very few people of color in local or national government or in the media out of a continent that is 20% minority; separate but equal is still practiced. Discrimination is rampant.
USA: minorities have been influential and powerful in the U.S. for decades and are very visible on TV and in pop culture. Americans recently elected a black president. Oprah has more money than the French university system. Arab-Americans are some of the most prosperous in the U.S.; Arabs in Europe are poverty-stricken for generations.

Gay marriage and gay adoptions are illegal in most of Europe. There are only four countries which permit gay marriage. Scandinavia does not have gay marriage, but gay domestic partnerships, the same they currently have in California. But bans on gay marriage and gay adoptions have been upheld by European courts, including Sweden.
Gay marriage is permitted in three states, and several allow civil unions, virtually the exact same benefits as marriage. Of the states that ban gay marriage, only two ban gay adoptions. Even Alabama permits gays to adopt, unlike France and Sweden. Muslim radicalism is pushing back gay rights in many parts of Europe, including the Netherlands where attacks against gays are far more common than in the U.S.

Domestic violence in Europe is one of the highest in the industrialized world–3x higher than in the U.S. which actually has a higher reporting average than Europe—still the U.S. rate is lower. Overall crime is also higher in Europe today than the U.S. Crime in the U.S. has been steadily dropping for 15 years; it has risen steadily in Europe. Europe’s street crime is 5x higher than street crime in the U.S.

Europe’s unemployment rate rarely goes under 10%. Americans freak out if their unemployment rate hits 6%.
The elderly in Europe are abused and neglected. In the summer of 2004 a heat wave in Europe resulted in 45,000 deaths (25,000 in France alone) mostly of old people. Relatives left their bodies at government-run morgues, sometimes leaving them outside on the doorstep. The heat wave came in August and most didn’t want to end their month-long vacations.
The elderly in the U.S. move to Florida or Arizona and live like decadent royalty, sucking their grandchildren’s futures dry off government-funded pyramid scams.

Europe has no comprehension of free speech. It is still grappling with “hate speech codes” and its effect on liberty. Cartoons cause riots in Europe.
Americans dealt with the issue of freedom of expression 200 years ago, most specifically with the “Cartoon Defense” in which the U.S. Supreme Court said that government cannot sue newspapers over cartoon parodies. They still riot over cartoons in Europe. The French president recently sued the manufacturer of a doll made in his likeness because he thought it was insulting. The court ruled partially in his favor.

Ok, liberals, come to Europe’s defense! Let’s hear all you people who think Europe is the center of the universe come and rescue it from my horrible outburst! Come, liberals, don’t take this sitting down. You must find a way to support Europe and debase the U.S. It’s part of your religion! Now do it!

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